We are Beansprout Productions… meet Jesse

Grateful might not be a strong enough word for how I feel about being part of this project. Sharing this journey with Mary, my family, friends (especially the amazingly helpful Molly), and a number of others along the way continues to be a life-altering learning experience.

We have the opportunity to investigate and bear witness to not just the devastation caused by the growing global agribusiness industry, but also the relentless, resilient, and brilliant alternatives of those resisting the change to our seeds, our foods, our health, our ecosystem, our livelihoods, and our relationship to the land.  It’s this resistance that reminds me that with awareness and consciousness raising, change is not just possible, it is inevitable.

Here’s a little intro to who I am, or who I have become along the way.   Let us write this story of environmental and economic justice together.

To seed peace, Jesse

About A Patented Life

Documentary-Style Social Work Project December 15, 2011 – April 1, 2012 Our Mission This is about seeds. A Patented Life is a project documenting our 6 week personal rejection of the genetically modified seeds that compromise the food on our tables, small farms around the world, and our relationship to the land. Through genetic engineering and US patent law, Monsanto Inc., the company which brought us Agent Orange, leads the way in dominating our world’s seed supply. The purpose of this project is to activate the public to stop Monsanto’s genetic experiment on our food and livelihoods in its tracks. We are returning to real foods and inviting eaters of the world to do the same. Goals *To get people to stop consuming GMO products by sowing seeds of doubt around the safety and ethics of genetic engineering(GE) *Contribute to the work of existing community movements about this human rights issue Come Join Us!! Here are a few ways to get involved: *Subscribe and Contribute photographs, articles, thoughts, experiences, and questions to: A Patented Life on Facebook (Community page) apatentedlife.wordpress.com Ready to go GMO free? Join us anytime from January 15th- February 26th, 2012. We are going for 6 weeks- Join us for a day, a week, or even multiple weeks and keep us posted on the experience! Or just follow our journey, join in the discussion, and check out our Task of the Week on our facebook page. Looking forward to the organic adventure with everyone!! Together, we are stronger! Ready to be filmed? Contact us for an interview! Email: apatentedlifejm@gmail.com

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