A Last Supper

Sharing costs, sharing meals, sharing experiences, sharing new knowledge…  this has become the norm in our A Patented Life households.  Isn’t it amazing that a big project like this ends up being about combining all of those little things which we actually always held dear to us, and yet had pushed aside?  Family dinner.  Family meal planning.  Family shopping.  Family cost sharing.  Family cooking.  Family recipe sharing. It’s like finding our way… Home!

I am the first to admit I was an on-the-go, stop-n-shop, individual, unconscious eater looking to fill my body with anything that made me less hungry throughout my oft-rushed days.   Yes, as someone who eats little meat, attempts to drink fresh juices and smoothies whenever possible, a former natural foods market employee and college athlete, I definitely have always included some important health-focused foods and habits, but never has this been more important than right now.  This project Forced many of my unconscious eating habits to immediately change.  At first, I thought only of the Bad of this change, fearful that I would be hungry more often and therefore miserable and moody, or would have terrible cravings for the bagels and coffee stops of my usual days.  I have lived in 3 different states, traveled to even more, and can name favorite Ice Cream Parlors and Bagel Places in every single spot.   And, there was a motto I used to live by that if all of us gals would just spend more time together eating ice cream and working through our problems, we would be stronger and happier as individuals and the world would be a better place; I considered a stop at the local ice cream parlor a Female Survival Tactic.

One of my favorite free-time habits is sitting at a coffee shop, possibly reading or writing or just soaking in the sun, and enjoying an everything bagel with cream cheese and coffee, tea, or chai.  We all have our vices and our go-to places.  Until now, I never questioned the impact of these habits on myself, believing that “too much of anything is bad for you” and so as long as I only did this once in a while, my health would be fine.  Almost defensively, and I see this in others, too, during our conversations about genetic engineering, I hold these cherished favorites as if they Cannot Possibly be part of the GE problem.  No Way– That’s just ridiculous.  I hear this, clearly, from others as we realize that these GE ingredients have, in most cases, spread to many of our favorites.   So, in order to complete these weeks of Non-GM, I had to give up these favorites…. as did many of those coming along with us.  In anticipation of this, the Patented Life family even filmed a Last Supper the weekend eve of our journey, where we ordered our favorite unconscious meals and enjoyed the evening together.  Such favorites included:  pizza from the local place down the road, empinadas from a small Cuban fusion joint, fresh made tortilla chips with guacamole from a place a few beaches down, cannoli’s to die for, and wine to wash it all down.   That feels like a lifetime ago now…

A Patented Life's last supper photo

Oh, the reality of that night is interesting…  even as much as we tried to enjoy the food and conversation, it kept changing to everything we have been learning about genetic modification.  How exciting, right?   You know those annoying people who keep talking about something that is potentially bad for you… as you are engaging in the exact activity…  well…  that was us on this evening!   Honestly, it’s about that time we share with you that we barely enjoyed our once-favorites as we realized we are, figuratively speaking of course, wearing, “Non-GM goggles.”  It’s kind of like the idea of wearing beer goggles that fog/dizzy up your vision, but the opposite….. we are seeing the food clearer than ever before.  There is almost no going back.  Having immersed ourselves in the reality of Monsanto’s reach, we were ready to jump in and almost went running on our way to Non-GMO foods and products.

So, what really happened as we tossed out our go-to foods and toiletries, and opened up our minds, mouths, and even wallets to a Monsanto-free lifestyle?  And how did the interviews, conversations, and journeys of learning about not just genetic engineering, but also organic and natural farming, buying local, co-operatives and natural food markets, cooking in season, permaculture, the court case involving Monsanto, urban farming, community gardening, composting, seed saving, school lunches, and homecooking…to name a few… go?  Oh, the journey was definitely suprising…  and in many ways, it took us Home, which has become a major theme for my own personal experience.  I look forward to sharing these weeks of our challenge with you as we upload, edit, and of course process the experiences we’ve had.   🙂

*The video footage of our last supper is temporarily stuck in Bangladesh traveling around with Mary as she embarks on her amazing journey with DEW, but we will upload our very serious filming of the “eve of our journey” to this post with an update when we can!

About A Patented Life

Documentary-Style Social Work Project December 15, 2011 – April 1, 2012 Our Mission This is about seeds. A Patented Life is a project documenting our 6 week personal rejection of the genetically modified seeds that compromise the food on our tables, small farms around the world, and our relationship to the land. Through genetic engineering and US patent law, Monsanto Inc., the company which brought us Agent Orange, leads the way in dominating our world’s seed supply. The purpose of this project is to activate the public to stop Monsanto’s genetic experiment on our food and livelihoods in its tracks. We are returning to real foods and inviting eaters of the world to do the same. Goals *To get people to stop consuming GMO products by sowing seeds of doubt around the safety and ethics of genetic engineering(GE) *Contribute to the work of existing community movements about this human rights issue Come Join Us!! Here are a few ways to get involved: *Subscribe and Contribute photographs, articles, thoughts, experiences, and questions to: A Patented Life on Facebook (Community page) apatentedlife.wordpress.com Ready to go GMO free? Join us anytime from January 15th- February 26th, 2012. We are going for 6 weeks- Join us for a day, a week, or even multiple weeks and keep us posted on the experience! Or just follow our journey, join in the discussion, and check out our Task of the Week on our facebook page. Looking forward to the organic adventure with everyone!! Together, we are stronger! Ready to be filmed? Contact us for an interview! Email: apatentedlifejm@gmail.com

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