A Guide to Non GMO dating (Warning: tips might outlast the relationship)

Sent to A Patented Life from an anonymous follower of our project…  Pretty funny stuff!!   🙂 

A girl’s adventure in Non GMO dating….

Our adventure begins via text messages prior to a first date. Now, since you feel that the person has a right to know about your dietary restrictions,  you start off with: “Oh by the way I am not usually this high maintenance, however I have recently joined a project which severely limits my food options. You see we are giving up GMOs….And what is a GMO you ask??? Ah, well there is this extremely evil company that produces genetically engineered seeds and is destroying our food supply and our health. So for the next couple of weeks I have joined with a couple of my friends and we are going GMO free.  Hello, anyone still there?” Surprised to find that the boy was not frightened away after a short explanation into the world of Non GMO living, a day was chosen for date number 1…let the lessons begin.

Tip 1: Research

Well since the truth about your new lifestyle did not seem to scare the person away, after some diligent research you find a place where you might be able to eat. While doing so, you are also mentally preparing food you can bring or deciding if it is safest to just eat before the date even happens…you know, and then sit and stare while your date eats…my, how romantic!!  Like you’ve already been doing for most things, you have to call to check if the restaurant is, in fact, GMO free.

Tip 2: Interview

There is no answer at the restaurant, so you pack a granola bar safely in your purse and decide to go to the place early to “case” the joint.  You need to ask the chef just a few questions…you know… what ingredients are they using?…is it organic?…and do they know what GMOs are? You have made the decision that it might make a better first impression to interrogate the restaurant before your date rather than in front of your date.

Tip 3: Planning

Going out for a simple movie now means doing some serious prep work… you have to plan for food. If you are not sure that dinner is in the plans or even if you will have access to Non GMO food, you have to eat either a late lunch or early dinner before the date…be very full just in case you can’t eat for hours.

Tip 4: Shopping

Also since we are planning to go to the movies you are definitely going to want popcorn.  This is not about missing out from eating your faves, so the night before the date go to the grocery store again and pick up popcorn and put some in a bag and hide it in your purse for the movie. Also, like most days there is an emergency granola bar in your bag as well (there’s no leaving home without it these days).

Tip 5: Suggestion

Now, the person you are dating is beginning to understand this adventure and decides to be cute by researching organic places to eat ahead of time. He tells you he found a place in NYC that is USDA organic. (Although very endearing, he has actually forgotten you mentioned that same information on the date prior…mmm… was he not actually listening to you?  Or was the non-gm seed planted without him realizing?…  things to ponder).  Regardless of who actually came up with the idea, the restaurant is super yummy and you can eat and drink anything there.

Tip 6: Appreciation

He has really figured this whole Non GMO thing out and gets you a treat, a Non GMO snack bar he found on his own! This has to be one of the more thoughtful gifts you have gotten.

Tip 7: Database

You have now done so much research that there is a list of places where you can go out for a meal together on a date… all over the state and including other states.  Is this becoming fun???

Tip 8: Baking

Non-GMO homemade treats are always a good thing for both on the date.  And, they can be there even if the next dates don’t work out.  It’s basically a win-win.

Tips to be continued… it’s a work in progress… Enjoy!

From: Anonymous now non-gmo girl sending this message in solidarity with the Monsanto-free project. 

About A Patented Life

Documentary-Style Social Work Project December 15, 2011 – April 1, 2012 Our Mission This is about seeds. A Patented Life is a project documenting our 6 week personal rejection of the genetically modified seeds that compromise the food on our tables, small farms around the world, and our relationship to the land. Through genetic engineering and US patent law, Monsanto Inc., the company which brought us Agent Orange, leads the way in dominating our world’s seed supply. The purpose of this project is to activate the public to stop Monsanto’s genetic experiment on our food and livelihoods in its tracks. We are returning to real foods and inviting eaters of the world to do the same. Goals *To get people to stop consuming GMO products by sowing seeds of doubt around the safety and ethics of genetic engineering(GE) *Contribute to the work of existing community movements about this human rights issue Come Join Us!! Here are a few ways to get involved: *Subscribe and Contribute photographs, articles, thoughts, experiences, and questions to: A Patented Life on Facebook (Community page) apatentedlife.wordpress.com Ready to go GMO free? Join us anytime from January 15th- February 26th, 2012. We are going for 6 weeks- Join us for a day, a week, or even multiple weeks and keep us posted on the experience! Or just follow our journey, join in the discussion, and check out our Task of the Week on our facebook page. Looking forward to the organic adventure with everyone!! Together, we are stronger! Ready to be filmed? Contact us for an interview! Email: apatentedlifejm@gmail.com

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