Day 1: It’s Go Time!  For the past 7 days counting down to today, we’ve listed some of our reasons for choosing this Monsanto-free 6 week lifestyle.  Here’s a short summary:

Reason #7:  No one likes a Bully. Especially not Social Workers! Some reports call their actions here and abroad biotech bullying while others refer to Monsanto as being described by farmers as the “Gestapo” and “Mafia.”

Reason #6: Because the fox is guarding the hen house. The cross-pollination of Monsanto executives within the FDA, USDA, EPA, and the Supreme Court over the last 25 years is alarming, since these are the very institutions designed to oversee agrichemical companies for the health and safety of We the People.

Reason #5:  We’re joining the chorus of millions of passionate voices raised against Monsanto’s heavy-handed appropriation of the global food supply including  justice advocates, consumer advocates, and environmentalists. As for the medical field: numerous pediatricians, physicians of reproductive health, oncologists, endocrinologists, veterinarians, autism specialists, and others have come forward to speak out about the suspected impacts GMO foods have had on human health. And, of course, social workers!

Reason #4: Once a cheater, always a cheater?!!! Based on its history, How can we trust Monsanto with our food and environment? Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs… these were Monsanto’s former gems. Monsanto’s been around a while; agribusiness is not where it started.  In short, Agent Orange = Monsanto; PCBs = Monsanto; DDT= Monsanto. RoundUp= Monsanto. And now, Our Food= Monsanto. Hence, A Patented Life= non-Monsanto.

Reason #3: Industrial agriculture promoted by agrichemical giants like Monsanto threatens our food supply by dramatically reducing biodiversity, compromising food safety for mass-production and corporate profit, creating an enormous carbon footprint which contributes to climate change, and driving the cost of production so high small farmers are heavily in debt or must leave farming altogether.

Reason #2: We are joining the voices nationwide campaigning to know what we are feeding ourselves and our loved ones: we are demanding labeling!  Just Label It!

Reason #1: The Health Risks of GM crops are Unknown! Various feeding studies in animals have resulted in potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy or increased density of the liver, odd shaped cell nuclei and other unexplained anomalies, false pregnancies and higher death rates…

Anyone else have their reasons?  We’d love to hear them! The adventures of preparing for this journey have proved challenging, while also exciting as we try new foods and products.  Holding these core reasons close to our hearts helps the challenge by giving it a deeper meaning for each of us; we encourage others to do the same.  And the conversations we are having with people?  Amazing!  There is so much knowledge, passion, and innovation out there that this project is quickly turning into a change in lifestyle and a change in mentality.  We can’t wait to share these short films and write-ups with you! This, we welcome!

Today, I am off to start day 1 with a bang and I am determined to have a kick-a$$, GM-free wedding celebration with great friends.  I have my overnight bag packed with my GM-free products, organic wines, food, dessert… and my dancing shoes.  Yes, I will be the girl at the wedding on a mission with the small cooler and bottled wine.  Good thing the bride is a fellow Social Worker with a kind, patient heart and a great sense of humor who has supported me 100%!   I mean, she finally had the kitchen staff call me after I couldn’t get through to them…  you know… because as the Bride she has Nothing else to do but worry about my commitment to GM free food at Her wedding!  The best part?  She saw the bigger picture.  In one of many texts to me she summed it up with the observation that this is the, “same thing for people with food allergies…I certainly don’t envy what goes into making sure what you eat is okay.”  Exactly.  We are making sure the food we eat is Okay-  for all of us!!

Plus, we agreed to freeze a piece of the mouth-watering cake she described so that I can try it after my 6 weeks.  🙂

So, Cheers to 6 weeks of clean living.  But, most importantly, cheers to supportive friends, family, and the new friends we are already making along the way…  thanks to all of you for making this important discussion possible.  Now, let’s do it.

About A Patented Life

Documentary-Style Social Work Project December 15, 2011 – April 1, 2012 Our Mission This is about seeds. A Patented Life is a project documenting our 6 week personal rejection of the genetically modified seeds that compromise the food on our tables, small farms around the world, and our relationship to the land. Through genetic engineering and US patent law, Monsanto Inc., the company which brought us Agent Orange, leads the way in dominating our world’s seed supply. The purpose of this project is to activate the public to stop Monsanto’s genetic experiment on our food and livelihoods in its tracks. We are returning to real foods and inviting eaters of the world to do the same. Goals *To get people to stop consuming GMO products by sowing seeds of doubt around the safety and ethics of genetic engineering(GE) *Contribute to the work of existing community movements about this human rights issue Come Join Us!! Here are a few ways to get involved: *Subscribe and Contribute photographs, articles, thoughts, experiences, and questions to: A Patented Life on Facebook (Community page) Ready to go GMO free? Join us anytime from January 15th- February 26th, 2012. We are going for 6 weeks- Join us for a day, a week, or even multiple weeks and keep us posted on the experience! Or just follow our journey, join in the discussion, and check out our Task of the Week on our facebook page. Looking forward to the organic adventure with everyone!! Together, we are stronger! Ready to be filmed? Contact us for an interview! Email:

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